Labor Endorsements


The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO is a democratic organization governed and comprised of local, national, and international unions. These unions meet at a biennial convention whose location alternates between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia every two years. Convention delegates are elected by their local unions to establish goals and policies, and to elect leaders of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO.


We represent approximately 80,000 members in the fastest growing union in the state in areas of health care, public services and building services.

The Pennsylvania State Council strives to build greater unity among all SEIU local and districts in Pennsylvania, and to mobilize our membership to pursue an action-oriented, issue driven agenda that improves the lives of the workers we represent.

Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union

The International Union shall promote the material, intellectual and general welfare of all workers in the baking, confectionery, tobacco, grain milling and kindred industries.

Sheetmetal Workers - Local 19

Sheet metal work is a highly respected trade. Local Union No. 19 serves 23 counties in Pennsylvania , four counties in New Jersey Building Trades, five counties in New Jersey Sign Division, and the entire state of Delaware. Our union was established on December 10, 1887, and we are now 4,300 Union members strong! ​We believe in being on the cutting edge of technology, to better serve our customers and our union members.

Operative Plasterers & Cement Masons International Association Local 592

Our international “The Operative Plasterers’ and Cement Masons’ International Association, (OP&CMIA), was founded in 1864. The OP&CMIA then chartered local unions throughout the country. Our Local was chartered on November 4, 1916. We were a union of cement masons only.Local 592 represents Cement Masons, Plasterers and Shophand within our territorial jurisdiction. Since 1916 all the major concrete in this area was done by members of our local. Power plants and high rises, bridges and highways, sidewalks and curbs are all our legacy.

American Federation of Teachers - Pennsylvania

The American Federation of Teachers was founded in 1916 to represent the economic, social and professional interests of classroom teachers. It is an affiliated international union of the AFL-CIO. AFT Pennsylvania represents 61 local AFT affiliates in Pennsylvania, including public, private and charter Pre-K-12 schools, community college and university faculty and staff, vocational school employees and Pennsylvania state employees.

International Union of Machinists Local Lodge 1776

With nearly 700,000 active and retired members, the IAM is one of the largest and most diverse labor unions in North America. From Boeing and Lockheed Martin to United Airlines and Harley-Davidson, you will find IAM members across all walks of life. IAM members demand respect and dignity in the workplace. Together, we have been able to bargain for increased job security, higher wages and improved benefits.

International Union of Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers

Since its founding in 1865, the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers has actively fought to improve our members’ quality of life – on and off the job – through access to fair wages, good benefits, safe working conditions, and solidarity among members.

Today, we represent the most highly skilled trowel trades craftworkers across the United States and Canada including bricklayers, stone and marble masons, cement masons, plasterers, tilesetters, terrazzo and mosaic workers, and pointers/ cleaners/ caulkers. With over a century of protecting the rights of our workers, BAC is the oldest continuous union in North America.

Plumbers Union - Local 690

Plumbers Union Local 690 provides many services to the Philadelphia area. We thrive in Industrial, Commercial, and Residential construction with specialized skills in Backflow Testing. From the planning stages to construction to the final tests, Plumbers Union Local 690 will be there with you all the way!

United Food & Commerical Workers Local 1776

Local 1776 of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union exists to enroll, as members, all persons engaged in work within its assigned jurisdiction, to negotiate Collective Bargaining Agreements for them and to enforce said agreements by resolving grievances and maintaining all other contractual rights.
In addition, Local 1776 shall encourage all its members to register and vote. It shall support the legislation and political candidates who best advances the economic, social and class interests of the membership.

International Union of Boilermakers Local 13

The International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Iron Ship Builders, Blacksmiths, Forgers and Helpers is a diverse union representing over 60,000 workers in the construction, shipbuilding, railroad, manufacturing, and mining industries throughout the United States and Canada.

UAW Region 9

The International Union, United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America (UAW) is one of the largest and most diverse unions in North America, with members in virtually every sector of the economy.

UAW-represented workplaces range from multinational corporations, small manufacturers and state and local governments to colleges and universities, hospitals and private non-profit organizations.

The UAW has more than 400,000 active members and more than 580,000 retired members in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

AFSCME Council 13

Council 13 of AFSCME was established in 1971 to improve wages, benefits, and working conditions for public and private non-profit Pennsylvania employees – those who protect and serve the citizens of the commonwealth. Our members are employed at the state, county, township, borough, and city level, and in health care and social service facilities throughout Pennsylvania.

AFSCME members take care of the sick and needy, maintain our roads, light our homes, provide safe drinking water; administer government claims and keep our communities safe. We educate, nurture and prepare future leaders and much, much more.

Insulators & Asbestos Workers Local 23

Insulators Local 23 became a chartered member of the International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and Asbestos Workers on July 18, 1963. For over fifty years this organization has been dedicated to the dignity and equality of the worker. We have strived to provide our contractors with well-trained, productive employees.